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Gamers Lounge Ep 140 – Sofa in the Lounge

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Gamers Lounge Ep 140 – Sofa in the Lounge

Here we go with episode 140! In this episode Bill is joined by the Mad Russian Andrey, co-host of Hobby Sofa podcast. Andrey is sober for this episode, and the conversation is wide and far reaching. I started to keep track of time stamps for different conversations but that was a lost cause. In approximate order here is what this 2 hours of podcast covers:

touch on 40K 8th
touch on Wyrd Miniatures
Relic Knights
Game Designers – impact and can you follow them?
Relic Knights v2
Drowned Earth
Andrey’s you tube channel –
Rising Sun
Model review


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Gamers Lounge Ep. 98 – Almost 100

by on Oct.10, 2014, under Games, Interviews, Podcast, Soda Pop Relic Knights, The Hobby

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep. 98 – Almost 100

Episode 98 is a long one for you the dear listener. The show opens up with Bill giving a bit of an intro then dives straight into a discussion with Zach from Mini’s by Zach on commission painting. It’s a fun discussion about commission painting, Zach’s background, and then the general Gamers Lounge rambling.

Following that we dive into nearly 2 hours of good introduction and explanation for Relic Knights. Cheated Fate’s Joe is looking at the game and asked Bill and John to answer some questions for him. These turn into an in depth exploration of different mechanics of Relic Knights and a high level overview of how the game is played. This is good for anyone new to Relic Knights and especially good for any Malifaux players looking to start playing.


Content at:
00:00:13 – Intro
00:06:38 – Commission Painting – Mini’s by Zach
00:57:26 – Relic Knights Questions
02:43:50 – Outro


And as promised, here are the Relic Knights tables John built.

Here is a Relic Knight's industrial complex

Here is a Relic Knight’s industrial complex

Closer look at the Industrial Table

Closer look at the Industrial Table

Gabe of the Doctrine

Gabe of the Doctrine

Crashed Lander on moonscape

Crashed Lander on moonscape

Closer look at the moonscape

Closer look at the moonscape

@#$^$$%@#$ Calico Kate

@#$^$$%@#$ Calico Kate

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Gamers Lounge Ep. 96 – Knights of the Rambly Relic

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Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep. 96 – Knights of the Rambly Relic

Episode 96 has arrived after an unexpected month long hiatus! John and Dixon join me in the Gamers Lounge studio for a host of talk, some story time, and then more talk.

We open up with our typical intro, covering what we have done for the past month. This turns into a fairly intense talk about Relic Knights wrapped in a little rambling.

After that John gives a reading of the Winning story from the Mystery Battle Report Contest. Thank you Xander for a great battle report.

Our topic was set to be a short discussion of more Relics Knights, specifically about playing 70 point games vs 50 point games. We dive into that but also give a couple tips on playing relics knights that we have picked up so far.

That brings us to the second story, where Dixon gives a dramatic reading of the runner up battle report. Thank you Paul, I hope Dixon does the story justice.

Then we try to put together a short outro to sign off. This turns into a ramble about Wrath of Kings and a few other games that are incoming in the next couple months.

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Content at:
00:00:16 – Intro
01:32:28 – Mystery Battle Report – Desperate Times
01:39:18 – Relic Knights
02:38:53 – Mystery Battle Report – Vista Verde
02:44:11 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge Ep. 93 – Relic Knights

by on Jul.11, 2014, under Podcast, Soda Pop Relic Knights, The Hobby

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep. 93 – Relic Knights

This is the episode where the great white whale of gaming kickstarters finally arrives, and we talk about it. That’s right, Relic Knights is in the house!

John Kickstarter Relic Knights, and I did not. John get’s me into playing the game and get’s me partially hooked. I have picked up Doctrine and we discuss that. In addition we try to give a beginners overview of the game and how it plays.

Expect more Relic Knights content in the future!

Content at:
00:00:16 – Intro
00:04:08 – Relic Knights
01:55:02 – Outro

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