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We are the Gamers Lounge

Gamers-Lounge-logoThe Gamers Lounge is a tabletop miniatures podcast focused on the hobby. This will be updated frequently, but we are currently primarily playing:

  • Guild Ball, Assorted Board Games, Arena Rex, and various games from Kickstarter

Our experience with tabletop miniatures gaming covers multiple games made by a variety of companies.  Some of these games include WWX, X-Wing, Malifaux, Warmachine, Hordes, etc. We also have vast experience with card games like Magic the Gathering and 40K/WHFB and with role-playing games too.

We take that experience and approach the hobby from a fairly unique point of view in this day and age.  Sportsmanship and the promotion of both you and your opponent enjoying your games, no matter what system you play, is paramount.   Whether this means looking closely at what you are taking, what strategies you are planning to use against your opponents, or figuring out a new way to approach each game as you play it, we want Gamers Lounge to be an inspiration of finding ways to have fun playing this hobby we all enjoy.

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