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Gamers Lounge Ep. 93 – Relic Knights

by on Jul.11, 2014, under Podcast, Soda Pop Relic Knights, The Hobby

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep. 93 – Relic Knights

This is the episode where the great white whale of gaming kickstarters finally arrives, and we talk about it. That’s right, Relic Knights is in the house!

John Kickstarter Relic Knights, and I did not. John get’s me into playing the game and get’s me partially hooked. I have picked up Doctrine and we discuss that. In addition we try to give a beginners overview of the game and how it plays.

Expect more Relic Knights content in the future!

Content at:
00:00:16 – Intro
00:04:08 – Relic Knights
01:55:02 – Outro

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  • Tom K

    Nice episode. Relic Knights sounds pretty intriguing. Most of the minis are not my cup of tea but the Black Diamond and the Shattered Sword look pretty nice.

  • Bill

    Thanks Tom!!! I’m in a similar situation as you where I do not like most of the models. I do love how the game plays and have to admit that the black diamond are growing on me.

  • Chris K.

    Your actually a little off on your objectives. Whoever is playing the “villain”, the guy setting up first and going second, flips the top two cards of his deck. The first cards colors decide the VCs for the Hero and the second cards colors decides for the Villian.

    Lets say you flip the top two cards of your deck and the first is Creation/Law. The Creation Primary Objective will be your Primary and the Law Secondary objective will be your Secondary. Same thing will apply to the other player using the second card. It is entirely possible to have Objectives from Three separate Esper types, the two on the card and then your Faction one.

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