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Gamers Lounge Ep. 96 – Knights of the Rambly Relic

by on Sep.05, 2014, under Announcements & News, Contests, Game Report, Podcast, PP Warmachine Tactics, Soda Pop Relic Knights, The Hobby, Wild West Exodous

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep. 96 – Knights of the Rambly Relic

Episode 96 has arrived after an unexpected month long hiatus! John and Dixon join me in the Gamers Lounge studio for a host of talk, some story time, and then more talk.

We open up with our typical intro, covering what we have done for the past month. This turns into a fairly intense talk about Relic Knights wrapped in a little rambling.

After that John gives a reading of the Winning story from the Mystery Battle Report Contest. Thank you Xander for a great battle report.

Our topic was set to be a short discussion of more Relics Knights, specifically about playing 70 point games vs 50 point games. We dive into that but also give a couple tips on playing relics knights that we have picked up so far.

That brings us to the second story, where Dixon gives a dramatic reading of the runner up battle report. Thank you Paul, I hope Dixon does the story justice.

Then we try to put together a short outro to sign off. This turns into a ramble about Wrath of Kings and a few other games that are incoming in the next couple months.

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Content at:
00:00:16 – Intro
01:32:28 – Mystery Battle Report – Desperate Times
01:39:18 – Relic Knights
02:38:53 – Mystery Battle Report – Vista Verde
02:44:11 – Outro

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  • Jay Powell

    One thing, at 70pts you can run 2 Relic Knights if you have 2 available. Right now only Void and Radiant can play this way but eventually other relic knights will be available per faction.

    I agree with the thought that 35pts can be to limiting for some armies to complete some missions. 50pts seems to be the sweet spot for me (though some are preaching 42 as a good mid point between 35 and 50). I am against 70pts for regular games. Maybe for team games or one offs, but increasing the board size, queue, and the need for 12 points to win is going to make the game last much longer.

  • hereticofyew

    Relic Knights should be more powerful than a questing knight, they are also more expensive. I normally run a QK in 50 pts games against RKs and do fine. FYI I run Harker I find that I can squeeze a good unique like Iron Chef running a cheaper leader

    • Bill

      I fully understand and even (to a certain extent) understand that a Relic Knight is going to be more powerful than a Questing Knight. I just find that the game is unbalanced in favor of the RK when both sides do not take a RK. RK overall just have more health, better protection, and better attacks which is not offset by the 3-6 point difference in price.

      Again, that’s just my experience. I have seen some feedback from several folks pointing to their experience being different.

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