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Gamers Lounge Ep 124 – We’re back with BloodRAGE!!!!

by on May.14, 2016, under Blood Rage, Games, Guild Ball, Podcast, Wyrd - Malifaux

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep 124 – We’re back with BloodRAGE!!!!

Episode 124 was slow in coming but now it’s here! I’m not going to write much here because I want to get the show onto the feed. We open with an extended Lounge Talk covering the past 4 weeks. Lot’s of fun stuff in there.

Moving on, Spencer played a couple board games and we review one of them. We review Blood Rage and talk about our thoughts.

Twitter questions… an always fun segment.

Then Outro with Bill trying to decide if he’s going to Troll the internet.


00:00:14 – Lounge Talk
01:16:53 – Blood Rage Review
01:45:31 – Twitter Questions & Loxleys Speed Round
02:15:02 – Outro

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