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Gamers Lounge Ep 121 – We’re talking Guild Ball Tactics

by on Mar.17, 2016, under Games, Guild Ball, Making the Game Fun, Podcast, The Hobby, Tournaments

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep 121 – We’re talking Guild Ball Tactics

In Episode 121 Spencer and Bill dive into Guild Ball Tactics as the discussion. Bill returns from a weekend playing at the Bourbon Trail Open Guild Ball tournament and the boys kick things off with a lengthy lounge talk. Bill touches on the tournament, Spencer touches on his painting progress for Adepticon, and they both get caught up on the recent goings on. Also a great story about Mat Hart of Guild Ball fame.

Following the Lounge Talk the boys dive into a Guild Ball tactics discussion. As with everything on the Gamers Lounge, the topic wanders a bit and ends up revolving around sportsmanship, tournament etiquette, and general good play habits.

The show closes up with the now regular Twitter questions and Loxleys Speed round. Then the boys do the outro and out!


00:00:14 – Lounge Talk
00:44:17 – Guild Ball Tactics & Competitive Play
01:51:51 – Twitter Questions & Loxleys Speed Rounds
02:08:20 – Outro