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Gamers Lounge Ep 118 – Rankings and Nostalgia

by on Jan.22, 2016, under Games, Guild Ball, Podcast, The Hobby

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep 118 – Rankings and Nostalgia

Gamers Lounge ep. 118 has arrived and is starting to look like the show is back on schedule. Let’s see how this keeps up over the next several months! Spencer and Bill start off talking about Bill’s recent win at the Snow Ball tournament in Philadelphia. Spencer keeps to his promise of making Bill talk about Guild Ball on GL as well as GBT. Following that the boys jump into lounge talk and cover a couple things, including a short discussion on Rankings.

This show has a topic of Nostalgia, something Bill has apparently been thinking about for a while. The hosts start talking about if Nostalgia is clouding gamer’s views on what’s good and bad. We then move onto a more positive nostalgia topic of the first model Spencer and Bill each painted, and how their painting has improved since then.

The show finishes off with Twitter questions and a quick outro.


00:00:15 – Lounge Talk
01:00:01 – Nostalgia
01:47:15 – Twitter Questions and Outro

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  • Cheated Fates Joe

    Excellent Cast guys except for the Engineers part people don’t need help beating us. 🙂 On the Nostalgia talk I think you really hit on something that plagues a large portion of the gaming community. The misty shores of memory lane and how it makes those islands of fun from our past seem even more fun. The beauty and fragility of our minds help us whitewash those early gaming experiences into bits of pure raw emotion rather than logical thought. We also have years of built up experience that we didn’t have in the first experiences and so our critical eyes grow over time, I can never recreate the first time I played something like Mario brothers. And I can never recreate the feeling of playing my first intro game of 40k. Although I’ve had many first games of other games since those exact factors in those 2 moments. Moments when I didn’t even realize such games existed prior to playing them I just am not likely to recreate. For those reasons they hold a special emotional place with me and the flaws are misted over and their is a bit of longing for the innocence of those moments. Like when it was just cool to roll dice and kill aliens, or just move right and jump on a mushroom. Its that call back to a simpler less jaded time in our lives, when games were just played cause they were fun, story telling events and not serious businesses or reasons to argue rules. I have to say I have no desire to play 40k at this point because mechanically its not what interests me. I love alternating activation’s, I love low dice count or cards, Pushing 70-120 minis while my opponent removes models really doesn’t appeal to me for them to then do the same to me. And I think the more you expose yourself to different mechanics the more you’ll find what you really like and don’t like and the nice memories of games gone by you can enjoy, but they don’t hold you back.

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