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Gamers Lounge Ep 114 – Witches and Werewolves and Vampires

by on Sep.14, 2015, under Games, New Salem, Podcast, Wrath of Kings

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge Ep 114 – Witches and Werewolves and Vampires

Gamers Lounge Ep. 114 is back a little late but with some great content. Following the Intro Mrs. Gamers Lounge joins Bill to talk about their end of summer vacation. We talk briefly about Takenoko Chibi’s, Libertalia, and Exploding Kittens. We blame out friend Adam and Anna a bit for our game buying habits, then jump into a light review of New Salem.

Following that we have another Wrath of Kings segment. This segment the crew is joined by Gamers Lounge Regular John and we review the Goritsi Army and models.


00:02:15 – Opening
00:06:00 – Mrs. Gamers Lounge Chats & New Salem Game Review
01:02:01 – Wrath of Kings – Goritsi
02:15:00 – Outro

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  • Dave

    Korrad’s training is handy against the armies with rough(x) areas (Hadross, Shael Han).

    Also, the Hestra/Ravenscar comparison was off. Hestra can’t make all models in your army sling an enemy half-way across the board (like the Ravenscar can). She can make **Zeti** models move an enemy 2″, as it’s her inspire. That’s definitely handy for repositioning and allowing your Zeti to hit from well beyond the distance they can be attacked, but it’s nowhere as good as the Ravenscar.

    The Ravenscar can hop a line with Combat Reflexes and **place** (i.e. edge to edge), not move, a size 3 or smaller enemy within 3″ with Cast Aside. That means they can toss a leader over that line, and keep on tossing him until they’re surrounded by Wolves or Zeti. The fact that they can do this automatically makes them the best rank 1 infantry in the game (Wardancers being a close second) in my opinion. If you’re using these guys right you should feel bad about it.

    The Sergeant’s training is the best rank 1 training in the army. An Alpha might make you faster, but it doesn’t extend your threat range. The Sergeant’s training can be used offensively, allowing your glass cannons to hit first from a position where they can’t be hit themselves. It’s also great with Capture the Prisoner, as you get 2″ of extra movement while dragging a prisoner around because it’s an objective.

    If your Scourge Hounds die quickly try follow me, leap and move. You risk not getting the attack off to its full potential due to the will checks, but with the move after you should be able to get out of harms way. Plus if you started touching terrain and are using the Sergeant as the commander you’re now moving 9″ with them.

    If you’re having trouble getting your Shield Breaker into Howl From Beyond range, use a Follow Me on him then activate with him. Or use Ravenscar or Hestra’s inspire to toss things within 1″ of him, then activate him.

    • Bill

      I’ll have to look at Ravenscar again, I did not see them as better than wardancers plus Hestra. Your 100% correct on how Hestra’s inspire works, but I’ve had no issue being able to daisy chain any model I want out to a danger zone then attacking with nearly every war dancer I activated. I was under the impression that the Ravenscar ability was their action, which means that while I’ve moved a model I can’t attack as well.

      Regarding the rough(x), I have not really seen it hamper me vs Hadross (yet) and since I’m the local Shael Han player currently, had not run into it there as well.

  • Dave

    It is the Ravenscars action, so you’re only getting to attack if you’re using the Sergeant’s inspire, yes.

    If you’re using Hestra’s inspire and the leader is behind a line, you’re going to have to use one to two Zeti to move the line out of the way before you can start pulling the leader back towards you. You then have a clump of Wardancers sitting where they don’t want to be next turn (within 5″ of the enemy). Given how fragile the army is, I try to limit what’s in range to be killed in the next turn.

    With the Ravenscar Conga Line of Death you’re only leaving 2-3 in a place where they don’t want to be next turn (they get a 2″ move after they cast aside), and you’re throwing the leader(s) farther, 4-5″ per attack depending on what size base they are on. I had 6 of them toss two Friars around 12″ each right in front of my Wolves, great with Silence the Tongue.

    On Korrad, it was just a thought. I agree that the training is extremely situational. I think twice before giving up the Sergeant’s 2″ move bonus even when looking at Hestra. Only the Sergeant gives you a longer reach.

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