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Gamers Lounge ep. 94 – Why Not?

by on Jul.18, 2014, under GW 40K, Interviews, Podcast, PP Hordes, PP Warmachine, The Hobby, Wild West Exodous, Wyrd - Malifaux

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge ep. 94 – Why Not?

This episode ended up going much longer than expected by both parties on the recording. What started as a conversation regarding “Why Not Wild West Exodus” quickly moved to a conversation about communities and changing community views. Chandler is a community leader who is the guy who ends up bringing new games to his play group. We talk about the challenges introducing new games into a group who has become entrenched with a specific game system.

Overall, I really think this is a great conversation for some insight into trying to lead your group to new games.

Content at:
00:15:25 – Intro
00:05:29 – Chandler on Why Not in communities
02:03.25 – Outro

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  • Tom

    Interesting guest and good show. Comments in no particular order.

    My feel about 40k was perfectly articulated. I love the idea of 40k much more than actually playing the game and getting my stuff painted and ready to play. Stopped playing when 3rd came out but didn’t stop buying until 7th.

    On the uninteresting models. Not sure if this meant no hidden stuff on the models or no reason for the stuff that’s there to grab you. I think of things like Grant’s iron mask and Doc’s rebreather and the stories behind them. The bear trap on V’s neck, all of the robotic bits on various minis, the craziness that is Tublety. They all have so much story behind it!

    The fluff covers south more than a new power source. It is completely about aliens and perceptions of a god and how a particular aspect of “god” is screwing with mankind. The introduction of RJ is just another round if getting toyed with. Seems like so much more to come here.

    Brings up a complaint I have heard over and over though. A huge chunk of the fluff that could draw people in is inaccessible unless you cough up $60 for the hard cover rule book. This info really needs to be more publicly available on their website, even if it’s in 3rd grade book report format. That stuff can help sell the game and pull in fence sitters. Also can help correct some misconceptions about the game/world.

    When was 40k a skirmish game? I was playing it 20 years ago and cost of entry was steep for the time. Box set gave a tac squad and that was it. Also needed Dark Millenium. My very basic force when I started was a tac squad, assault squad, whirlwind, speeder, captain, chaplain, librarian. I had one of the smallest forces in my game store.

    Great Elk is OP and broken. It needs to have something that can affect it like interference does to RJ.

    • Chandler

      You raise a lot of really good points Tom and by no means have I completely written off WWX. I am happy that you enjoyed our conversation and I hope that Bill will have me on again (and maybe more often).

      Since this podcast my gaming group has been talking about starting our own podcast, but I’m fairly sure that will fall through.

      When I say uninteresting, I mean that it lacks those iconic ‘hey look here’ moments. Now I’ll admit that as I’ve looked at the model more I’ve begun to have some slight interest.

      I didn’t mean to imply that 40k was a skirmish game but there was a time (before my time) when you didn’t need nearly as much, that has changed significantly. My thought is that over the years that WWX might increase it’s ‘min play level’ through cheaper (point cost) models and higher starting values.

      I hope I didn’t ramble on too much!

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