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Gamers Lounge Ep 119 – It’s not 4 hours!

by on Feb.05, 2016, under Community, Games, Guild Ball, Interviews, Podcast, The Hobby, Tournaments, Wrath of Kings

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep 119 – It’s not 4 hours!

Gamers Lounge Ep. 119 is a very long episode so strap in and get ready. Spencer and Bill open up with a Lounge Talk touching on Spencer’s recent blood bowl game and a bit of Guild Ball. Bill briefly mentions a recent tournament he TO’d, and we discuss a big demo day Spencer had in his area.

Following the lounge talk we dive straight into the first topic of the episode. Ben from the Guild Ball Ranking website Black Orifice joins us to respond to some of our comments in ep. 118. Following that we dive into a long conversation about how the rankings site works and the thoughts behind Ben’s choices for the site.

After talking about Rankings for an hour Spencer takes a break and Bill is joined by Dave Lee to resume the As Yet Unnamed Wrath of King’s segment. Dave and Bill dive into Shael Han and talk about the army.

Spencer returns for the new Twitter Questions segment where we have a speed round from Dr. Loxley, a Guild Ball question from Maurice, and several non-Malifaux questions from Cheated Fates Joe.

The boys round out the show with an outro discussing where they’ll be in the next 2 months.

Here’s some links from the show:
Pocket GB Rulebook:

Hot Gates Gaming Videos:

Siren Beatdown Video:


00:00:14 – Lounge Talk
00:48:22 – Black Orifice Rankings with Ben
01:46:15 – Unnamed Wrath of Kings – Shael Han
02:45:03 – Twitter Questions
03:11:13 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge ep. 108 – We have Guests

by on May.16, 2015, under Aetherium, Games, Interviews, Making the Game Fun, Podcast, The Hobby, Tournaments

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge ep. 108 – We have Guests

Gamers Lounge 108 brings a mix of guests to the show, joining Bill for a variety of conversation, philosophy, and spoilers!

We start with the guys from Anvil-8 (makers of Aetherium) Aetherium, Brian and Chris. The guys share their thoughts on the kickstarter experience, game development, and also some inside information on their game and upcoming factions.

Following that, Joe from Cheated Fates Radio join’s Bill in studio for a chat. Joe and Bill ramble as they are wont to do, then delve into some fairly crazy philosophy on gaming and competitiveness. Brace yourselves.


00:00:15 – Opening
00:04:12 – Anvil-8 talks Aetherium
01:10:33 – CFR Joe and the Philosophy of Competitive Gaming
02:20:10 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge Ep 76 – Cheated Gamers Lounge Love Affair

by on Apr.15, 2013, under Announcements & News, Podcast, The Hobby, Tournaments, Wyrd - Malifaux

Gamers-Lounge-logoGamers Lounge Ep 76 – Cheated Gamers Lounge Love Affair

Episode 76 has Joe of Cheated Fates podcast fame joining Bill in a pre-Adepticon episode. We open up with the traditional Gamers Lounge lounge talk and cover a host of items such as recent games we have both been playing.

Following that we dive into a great discussion of our predictions on Adepticon this year, and what we expect to see at the Adepticon Masters event. After much love fest chatter between Bill and Joe, Joe takes over the topic and steers us onto a discussion of the US Malifaux competitive scene. As usual, this goes sideways because it is the Gamers Lounge.

The promised Yan Lo and Izamu discussion actually transferred onto Cheated Fates episode 12, which should also be out before Adepticon! Joe and Bill convened over there to have that discussion and to cover a lot of other items such as Negative Play Experience’s and the balance vs cost of models. Check it out at, it will probably beat this episode to the air!!!
Lastly we have an Outro, where Bill offers vindication and an apology for maligning a local Malifaux player.


Content at:
00:00:07 – Lounge Talk
00:28:27 – Adepticon Predictions
01:15:23 – State of US Malifaux Competition
02:07:36 – Outro

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