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Gamers Lounge ep. 105 – Aetherium Review

by on Mar.06, 2015, under Aetherium, Games, Podcast

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 105 РAetherium Review

Gamers Lounge episode 105 is a bit of an oddity. To begin with this is a full length 2 hour episode. What makes it an oddity is that it’s entirely a review of a single game, Aetherium. Dixon and John join Bill to review a new game that just arrived from the kickstarter campaign, Aetherium.


00:00:15 – Opening
00:03:59 – Aetherium – Review and Game Reports
02:01:04 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge Ep. 97 – Aetherium Genesis

by on Sep.26, 2014, under Aetherium, Announcements & News, Interviews, Podcast

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep. 97 – Aetherium Genesis

Episode 97 brings you two interviews with some fantastic information about Aetherium, due to hit the markets in November. Along with that we get some great glimpses behind the scenes at the kickstarter, the game graphic development, and also the interests and views of the people involved.

First up are Brian and Chris from Anvil-8 who join Bill for an hour long chat. In this segment we discuss what Gencon 2014 was like for the Anvil-8 guys. This was their last year to be “attendees” opposed to attending as Anvil-8 the exhibitor. Following that chat we talk about the Aetherium kickstarter, where things are at, and what steps are left to getting the game in the backers hands. We also chat a bit about future plans for the game.

Segment 2 is a chat with Mike “The Dark Templar” about his experience as the Graphic Designer for Aetherium. We have a great chat about the process and he lifts the curtain a bit on why a Graphic Designer is important to games.


Content at:
00:00:37 – Intro
00:04:32 – Anvil-8 update on Gencon and Aetherium
01:01:36 – The Dark Templar – Aetherium Graphic Design
02:00:14 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge Interview – Aetherium

by on Apr.19, 2014, under Aetherium, Announcements & News, Interviews

AetheriumGamers Lounge Interview – Aetherium

In this special episode of the Gamers Lounge, Bill spends time speaking with Brian Niro and Chris Tavonatti about a new game, Aetherium. This is a fantastic 90 minute interview where you will hear all about the game, upcoming plans, and how the Anvil-8 guys experience at Adepticon went.

Check out the War Gamers Consortium Game Play video mentioned at the following link:

Check out their kickstarter at:

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