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Gamers Lounge ep. 99 – Guild Ball

by on Oct.21, 2014, under Guild Ball, Interviews, Podcast

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 99 – Guild Ball

In the search for an excellent episode 99 to complete the run up to 100 episodes I had a fantastic idea. Why not go back to one of the hallmarks of the Gamers Lounge and grab game creators to discuss their game. I am joined by Mat Hart, creator of Guild Ball in this episode. Mat and I talk for 2 full hours about Guild Ball, how the kickstarter is progressing, how the teams play, and how the rules have shaped up.

Mat also shared a hot preview of the Union team lineup on the Gamers Lounge website. Go check it out!!!

Guild Ball can be found @
The preview can be found at the Gamers Lounge Ep. 99 post on the website.

00:00:15 – Intro
00:09:29 – Guild Ball
02:16:20 – Outro



5 Comments for this entry

  • Bob

    Hi Bill, great episode on Guild Ball. As an early backer I’m very keen to get my hands on my models in December/January.

    After a busy period of Malifaux playing (up to UKGT) it will be good to take a break and demo the game around the local scene.

    Congrats on reaching 100 episodes


    • Bill

      Thanks Bob, I’m glad you enjoyed it. John and I had a fun game last night (Tuesday game night) and I can see Guild Ball getting a lot of coverage once we start playing regularly.

  • Tom

    Hey Bill,

    Are you going to be bringing these to Adepticon? I would love to get a demo if you have the time.

  • Kris

    Great episode. Only heard bits and pieces about the game up until listening to this episode.

    Now I’m going to get my hands on the pre-season rules and try out the rules.

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