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Gamers Lounge ep. 106 – Not at Adepticon

by on Mar.23, 2015, under Game Report, Games, Making the Game Fun, Podcast, The Hobby, Wrath of Kings

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 106 – Not at Adepticon

Episode 106 is a bit shorter this week as the crew was not able to get together to record. I do have a segment where Bill and Dixon discuss one of thier first Wrath of King’s games and some questions that came up during the game.

I hope you all enjoy the shorter episode!

00:00:15 – Opening
00:06:15 – Wrath of Kings, Game On
01:19:04 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge ep. 105 – Aetherium Review

by on Mar.06, 2015, under Aetherium, Games, Podcast

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 105 – Aetherium Review

Gamers Lounge episode 105 is a bit of an oddity. To begin with this is a full length 2 hour episode. What makes it an oddity is that it’s entirely a review of a single game, Aetherium. Dixon and John join Bill to review a new game that just arrived from the kickstarter campaign, Aetherium.


00:00:15 – Opening
00:03:59 – Aetherium – Review and Game Reports
02:01:04 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge Ep 104 – It must be Wrath of Kings!!!

by on Mar.01, 2015, under Games, Podcast, The Hobby, Wrath of Kings

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LGGamers Lounge Ep 104 – It must be Wrath of Kings!!!

Wrath of Kings has arrived and episode 104 is where the Gamers Lounge crew unboxes their goodies. Following a short 5 minute intro by Bill we jump right into the Unboxing of our Wrath of King’s kickstarter pledges. Dixon, John, and Bill all dig through their books, models, and boxes of stuff commenting on everything while we’re pulling it out of the box.

We follow up the unboxing with a segment I can only call “The Ramble”. We answer a series of listener questions and respond to some of the current feedback. We discuss the Desert Island question, Outlaw Miniatures new kickstarter, and ultimately drop back into more WoK discussion. It seems impossible to stray to far from WoK during any of our Ramble segment.


00:00:15 – Opening
00:06:13 – Wrath of Kings Unboxing
01:13:42 – The Ramble
01:57:28 – Outro

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Gamers Lounge ep. 103 – Shadows of Brimstone

by on Feb.10, 2015, under Community, Games, Podcast, Shadows of Brimstone, The Hobby

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 103 – Shadows of Brimstone

Gamers Lounge Episode 103 is here, a little late but with lots (nearly 3 hours) of content. After Bill provides an opening and some shameless plugs to blogs and podcasts, we move onto the show itself.

Following the hour long initial segment we return with Bill, John, and Kevin reviewing Shadows of Brimstone. We dig into the game, compare it to Myth, and give our thoughts on how it plays overall.

Clocking in close to 3 hours, Bill leaves off on an Outro this time and jumps right to the closing music.


00:00:15 – Opening, Shameless Plugs
00:10:23 – Listener Questions, Building Strong Groups
01:16:04 – Shadows of Brimstone – Review and Game Report

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Gamers Lounge ep. 102 – Deadzone

by on Jan.24, 2015, under Deadzone, Famlily Gaming Segment, Game Report, Games, Podcast

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 102 – Deadzone

We open episode 102 with a new segment that was mentioned at the end of 2014, The Family Gaming Segment. Bill is joined by Mrs. Gamers Lounge and their daughters to discuss a before and after during one of their game nights. In this segment we open with Zombicide and our current mission.

Following that we return to “Normal” Gamers Lounge with a long review and game report on Deadzone. John, Kevin, and Bill discuss a recent game of Deadzone along with their thoughts on the game and the game factions.


00:00:15 – Opening
00:05:40 – Family Gaming Segment (Zombicide)
00:26:59 – Deadzone – Review and Game Report
01:52:38 – Outro

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