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Mystery Battle Report Contest

I occasionally carry a camera in my gaming bag with the intention of taking pictures to record games for battle reports. I was browsing through that camera today and came across some pictures from a battle I took at some point in the past. I cannot remember everything that happened during the battle, but the pictures looked like fun. As such, I thought there would be a fun contest involved here.

Here is the deal. I have posted the 7 pictures from the Wild West Exodus battle report below, in the order they were taken. They map out events in a game. I am asking you, the listener, to write up a narrative battle report using these pictures in the order they come in. I will post the stories here and on the Wild West Exodus boards for public voting. The author of the favorite story will have that story read on a future Gamers Lounge recording in addition to receiving a $20 WWX gift certificate.

Please email entries to with the subject “Mystery Battle Report”. Make sure to annotate within the story where each of the 7 pictures should go in the narrative.

Contest will run from July 1, 2014 through Midnight US EST July 31, 2014. I will announce the winner in the first Gamers Lounge show following August 1st, 2014.

Two stories were submitted, each is linked below.

Winner – Xander Dawson – Desperate Times

Runner Up – Paul Plunge – Vista Verde Turkey Shoot


Picture #1

Picture 1

Picture #2

Picture 2

Picture #3

Picture 3

Picture #4

Picture 4

Picture #5

Picture 5

Picture #6

Picture 6

Picture #7

Picture 7