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Gamers Lounge ep. 103 – Shadows of Brimstone

by on Feb.10, 2015, under Community, Games, Podcast, Shadows of Brimstone, The Hobby

Gamers-Lounge-logo-LG Gamers Lounge ep. 103 – Shadows of Brimstone

Gamers Lounge Episode 103 is here, a little late but with lots (nearly 3 hours) of content. After Bill provides an opening and some shameless plugs to blogs and podcasts, we move onto the show itself.

Following the hour long initial segment we return with Bill, John, and Kevin reviewing Shadows of Brimstone. We dig into the game, compare it to Myth, and give our thoughts on how it plays overall.

Clocking in close to 3 hours, Bill leaves off on an Outro this time and jumps right to the closing music.


00:00:15 – Opening, Shameless Plugs
00:10:23 – Listener Questions, Building Strong Groups
01:16:04 – Shadows of Brimstone – Review and Game Report

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  • Cheatefatesjoe

    Love the Episode. The Dixon loves warmachine part going over. Community Champions is an amazing term! I love it and it hits the nail on the head. You need someone that is organizing and demoing and bringing attention to the game. And keeping attention on the game. You have to build the community and keep the community going by running events. And you have to have the product to buy. The more active and coordinated they are and the more store support you have and the game has to be there. It is my extreme hope that both Wraith Of Kings and Guild Ball do exceedingly well as the miniatures and rule sets are extremely interesting. And yes 8 is the magic germination number Dixon hit right on the head. That shows an interest level above a board game.

    • Bill

      Thanks for the feedback and comments Joe. Having just gotten our WoK kickstarter in, I expect that’s going to be the hotness for the next couple weeks. Well, that and Aetherium (which also just arrived). I know that there are some of our local WM/H players who also picked up WoK and are looking to play.

  • Bob

    Hi Bill, Just listening to your show and while looking at models for Open Combat ( I came across a possible Blood Engine proxy for you:

    warm regards,

    • Bill

      Bob, thanks for the feedback and suggestion! I checked out that model and we (John, Dixon, and I) talked about it on episode 104. I have to admit that that specific model is still a bit horrific for me, but I was looking at some of the other models in the range. I’m not sure what I’ll find but I am confident I’ll find something.

  • Chris P

    Hi Bill,

    Another great ep. Have you looked at Infamy Minitures. The frank Hyde model my be a good proxy for your flesh construct when it comes out. I’m just not sure if he is big enough!



    • Bill

      Thanks Chris!

      I actually backed Infamy and have a host of models coming. I don’t think I grabbed Frank but I’ll need to check my list of what’s coming.

  • Shawn

    Maaann.. you are clipping like hell… Manage your audio levels.

    • Bill

      Hi Shawn, thanks for the feedback. I’ll go back and give the episode a listen. Have you checked out more recent shows? Does the clipping seem to be fixed on your player?

      Sometimes it’s tough to track issues on older shows, and while I have seen clipping on my monitor it is rarely at the levels that seem to come through on my limited listens.

      I always appreciate feedback, hope your enjoying the show otherwise.


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