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Urban Laser Craft

by on Feb.26, 2014, under Announcements & News

I recently picked up some markers to use as my influence tokens for WWX. I found that with my Warrior Nation I did not have enough influence tokens from the kickstarter to fill out my full influence. I emailed Will at Urban Lasercraft and he was able to grab my logo and burn it onto some acrylic tokens.

IMG_2667They came out very nice overall. Will suggested that I use a light spray of white while the covering was on the acrylic to draw out the etching. This worked great and I then used another suggestion to clean up the tokens once the paint had dried. The glue used for the coating can be a little sticky, making it tough to peal off the side with the etching once its painted. IMG_2668 You can see the token in the picture to the right still has some of the detail occluded from the covering stuck in the smaller spaces. This was quick to fix with a q-tip and some windex. Once I learned that trick (again, thanks Will!!) the tokens cleaned up very nicely and easily. You can see in the final picture below the difference between the q-tip/windex method and the simple peel method. I’m still working through peeling and cleaning them up (as you can see!).

These are great and I suggest anyone who is interested contact Will and put in an order for tokens. He covers acrylic and wood tokens for a number of game systems!