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Gamers Lounge Ep. 77 – Therapy

by on Jul.21, 2013, under Podcast, Wyrd - Malifaux

Gamers-Lounge-logoGamers Lounge Ep. 77 – Therapy

Gamers Lounge is not dead, and were back with a doozy of an episode. Bill returns with Spencer of Cheated Fates fame to talk about the topic everyone seems to have been waiting for, Malifaux v2.0.  There is a break in the recording but that really because the length of the show necessitated we take a quick break.

So, strap your selves in and remember to keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times. Here comes a three hour therapy session where Spencer and Bill discuss their views on Malifaux v2.0.

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  • Cheatedfatesjoe

    I’d be happy to talk to you about summoning in both classic and v2 at low levels and why it unbalances or balances things at those points level.

  • greenlightgo

    ugh…I wanted to give you guys a chance to expound on some of the reasons why you don’t like the new version, but I didn’t get anything more than ‘it feels forced,’ or ‘it’s just odd,’ or ‘Every time I played [a deployment I’ve never played before] it felt a little strange.’

    For a while, I was willing to overlook the vagueness, but then the discussion turned into comparing the designers to dogs urinating or lengthy diatribes about how much better you could have designed the game than Justin or Mack. This does very little to show us the benefits of Malifaux Classic…instead it just makes you sound ill-informed and childish.

    That is a shame because this podcast has been good in the past and you’ve been very good at constructing your arguments. This time, however, it just sounds like you got your pride hurt (maybe at adepticon???) and now you’re being a child about it. I’ve listened to every episode you have ever released and even though you have had heated debates over several topics in the past, it hasn’t come across as personal animosity (towards Justin and Mack….and even your listeners to an extent) until now.

    I’ll miss that sexy microphone in my itunes, but if your return show is an indication of where this show is going, I think it is better off left on hiatus.

    • WAnderson

      Thank you for listening and it’s a shame you did not enjoy the show. Spencer and I both thought we were being pretty explicit in explaining the things we did not like and why we did not like those things. We were not looking to win people over to Classic or explain why it’s better, we were aiming to discuss what we did not like about V2 and why we do not want to play it.

  • C R Meyn

    I disagree. I think the arguments made were far from vague.

    While my opinions on the likes vs dislikes vary in some areas I agree with spencer and bill on the larger points. The upgrade system is a failure. The incentive to take higher cost models is lacking and as of right now my favorite master (Levi) has had the guts ripped out of him to the point where he is unrecognizable. Im thankful that Dixon has put forth serious effort on this front however I’m not sure what impact it will have. It’s sad but I have drifted away from Malifaux and have gone all in into netrunner. It’s great to have you back on he web Bill. I really did miss this podcast.

    • WAnderson

      Recent rumors that have drifted to the Games Lounge indicate that our leaked mistress of everblight will take the place of Levi in the released book. Only the release at Gencon will tell the truth of that.

      Wow, how’s that for prompt. I post the rumor in my response and within minutes its posted on the Wyrd board as confirmed.

  • Troy Perez

    I’ve been listening to both sides of the debate classic vs 2.0. The biggest issue is that it has almost turned into a religious debate. Its like 2.0 fans feel that if you don’t accept everything that 2.0 is as better than 1.5 your some kind of heathen in their eyes. Saying you don’t like things about 2.0 is like calling their baby ugly. I don’t point out things I don’t like about 2.0 cause its fun, I point out things I don’t like in hopes of making it better.

    • Bill

      I agree Troy, it has turned into something far too similar to a religious debate. That is one of the things that has made me very sad for the community of Malifaux Gamers as a whole.

      As for “I don’t point out things I don’t like about 2.0 cause its fun, I point out things I don’t like in hopes of making it better.” I did that as well. I did that during the play testing regularly until it just no longer made sense or appeared worth my effort to do so. Then I became very quiet and kept my most vitriolic thoughts to myself and commented here and there on my thoughts. After many requests from the community and many discussions between the two of us, Spencer and I agreed to do this episode.

  • keeperofgrudges

    Thanks for this… I actually think it was quite balanced and a really good review of the overall mechanics. After living in M2E for so long it was a refreshing experience to hear the compare and contrast.

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